How to Effectively Protect Your Brand Online

We get asked this question by small businesses and large businesses. Most of the smaller than 5 employee businesses are not really interested in this step as they are all about growth and and creating their mark on the industry they are operating in.

Domain Shop & Domain StoreThere are a few ways you can effectively and inexpensively proceed from today forward to make sure your brand has the dominant web presence in your industry or niche. Starting with the basics is your domain name. If you can acquire the singular or plural to your brand is the basic and obvious step. For example our website is Domain Shop. We acquired also Domain Store domain name as it will protect our online brand in our niche and you can do so to effectively¬† to make sure you receive the customer that was looking for you and didn’t know if your website was “store” or “shop”. This affects your profit margin because your customer has located you for their next purchase.

Another important step is effective email communication with your current customers. If your customers receive a monthly newsletter showing how passionate you are with your business, they will constantly be upgrading their stock and directly contribute to your increased profit margins at year end. It is a bit of a process to get this step correct and to have an effective newsletter you will have to dedicate a bit of your time to getting this correct.

Thanks for reading this article and we will update you with more things you should do with your online business venture. Keep happy and do at least one thing per week that will make your customers believe in you and the passion you have in your business. Written with passion by Ivan.