Protecting Your Brand Online

Continuing on from the previous article we covered domain ownership and your niche that you have been marketing. Then next logical step is to try to acquire the .com version of your domain name. As .com has been around for many more years and the uptake is 100 times greater than the AU domains, it is very likely that someone has already taken it. If they have a business set up on it with a company website it is highly unlikely that they will want to sell it to you. If a domainer has purchased it for sale purposes, you have an opportunity to get it. From a global business point and gaining global customers, it is important to be able to stretch your business and reach out to the global customer base.

We have successfully been able to acquire the .com version of many of our business customers. We have been in the domain name business for a long time and know where to look for and who to approach to acquire the .com versions of their Australian website name.

We are also in the domain name business and have acquired many generic and brandable domain names that businesses can be set up. Having a memorable domain name is important for your customers as that is where your next sale is going to come from.

We hope that you can succeed in your online venture and solidify yourself an income stream outside of your normal work and one day be able to work entirely online as many of us have the same dreams. Find yourself a niche that you think is a great idea, we are here to help you find and brainstorm a great name for your online business.