Acronyms as Domain Names

An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters (as in NATO or laser) and sometimes syllables (as in Benelux). There are no universal standards of the multiple names for such abbreviations and of their orthographic styling.

Acronyms in domain names has been talked about for many years by not only domain name owners and individual business people but now has the attention of brand managers and marketing groups on a global basis.

If you have a business that is growing every year it is something that you should be looking into acquiring if it is still available to register or purchase before someone uses it as a new brand. Once you have made that decision it is just a matter of making a deal with the current owner or owners or registering the domain name.

Here in Australia we mostly use domain names as it has symbolized Australian Internet domain names for the majority of over 20 years. Many businesses look into buying the .com version of their domain name and here are a few examples of recent sales in this space. January 2017 domain name sold for $1,500,000 January 2017 domain name sold for $5,000,000 October 2016 domain name sold for $2,100,000 August 2016 domain name sold for $420,000 May 2016 domain name sold for $725,000 February 2016 domain name sold for $1.25 million August 2015 Not a 4-letter domain name but a 2-character domain name: Sales Price was $8 Million. Buyer Revealed July 2015 sold for $500,000 May 2015 Not a 4-letter domain name but a 3-character domain name. Domain name acquired for $459,000 by Chinese firm Qunar March 2015 sells for $172,500: shortens domain name to for $172,500 February 2015 Not a 4-letter domain name but a 3-character domain name: Chinese firm Qihoo Pays $17 million for Domain

You might look at this small list of sales and be amazed at the prices but you shouldn’t. If someone has something that a lot of businesses would like to own, supply and demand usually dictates the increase or decrease in the value of the item. When it comes to domain names its a little more unique as there is only one of each type available. For example if you were a brand like SUMO mentioned above, there is only one domain name available. Im sure that your customers would be fine if your business was built around or or or (various country extentions) but every business person knows that getting their .com version of their business name means that they are serious about being in business and that they care about their customers. Another comparable example are petrol stations and fastfood chains. They are situated usually on corner blocks or in high traficated areas so that they get the most amount of eyes looking at their business. This is just good business sense and means that the business cares enough to make it more convinient for theyr customers to buy their products. Selling to customers is what they are in business for and making a profit.

Have a look at the list of sales in the Australian domain name market and what they sell for on our Top AU Sales 2016 page. 2017 is being compiled as we speak and deals are made every day. I’m sure this has been an interesting read and inspires you to gain a wider understanding of your online business potential.